Security is an essential consideration for any communication process. VoIP has revolutionized connectivity globally making calls more reliable and affordable. But, the big unanswered question is the safety of VoIP. Different companies have ventured into the provision of VoIP services. The existent of competition enhance service delivery, and a comparison is possible. When dealing with sensitive information, you will consider security as the primary factor. Secure VoIP communication will make you feel safe as leaks are not possible. Among the many VoIP providers which are the most secure?

VoIP use is increasingly getting embraced in the world of telephony. This has experienced a sharp surge in the level of illegality as well. Cybercrime targeting to tap information from your communication is a real threat. Malicious people are all over, and it’s advisable that you always operate in a secure setup. Having a reliable contact either on messaging or calls is paramount.

Securing VoIP

Most companies claim that their services are secure and not prone to any attack. What makes a VoIP service safe? Technological advancement in the spirit to secure communication environment brought encryption. Encryption seeks to code message in such a way that only legitimate users can access it. It is the only viable way of securing communication via VoIP.
There are two types of encryption applicable in VoIP services. The end-to-end encryption and the encoding in transit. One cannot claim that one is better than the other. A meticulous configuration is the most critical factor. Security is a vital consideration to corporate, and it is prudent to question safety in communication.

How secure is VoIP?

Although several attempts are in place to secure VoIP, the dead fact is that it remains insecure. Someone can still eavesdrop on your conversation and that alone compromise safety. Possible security loopholes in VoIP include the possibility to tap calls and steal information. Besides, someone can interfere with network connectivity hindering your communication. All these constitute insecurity in VoIP.

Encryption of VoIP messages is often marred with validation and fidelity issues. Thereby, making it difficult to assure security, this is particularly true for calls. Inasmuch as insecurity is imminent in communication, individual service providers get entrusted.

It is crucial to appreciate the security situation surrounding the use of VoIP. Seek methods to improve security. The first step to safety is choosing the right VoIP service. Security levels vary from one platform to another. It is vital that you get your statistics right before settling on one.

Determinants of security in VoIP

  • Voice encryption protocol; this is powered by SRTP ensuring that your audio signals are safe. An ideal VoIP should have AES encryption to secure different media forms.
  • Cryptographic protocols; is a useful testament to the level of integrity in a channel. Symmetric encryption in a secure socket layer applied is critical for confidentiality.
  • Data encryption algorithm; Advanced Encryption Standard bit 256 (AES). Used for encrypting and decrypting data thus an integral protection factor.

A secure VoIP service should incorporate the above atop Cryptographic Key-Agreement Protocol. Assessing the above is the only sure way to confirm the safety of VoIP.

Best VoIP voice and message services

A look at the popular VoIP call services will help arrive at the most secure VoIP.


A  brainchild of Open whisper systems. The Signal is available for both iOS and Android and believes that privacy is achievable. Signal allows for communication at no cost. Thus you can send SMS freely. The servers of Signal have no access to your contacts hence privacy is considerable. Moreover, Signal policies don’t permit one to store your communication data. All calls and messages whether in the group chat are encrypted, and the servers can also not access the same.

Transparency levels in Signal VoIP encryption are laudable. The privacy policy is easy to understand and apply. WhatsApp and Skype are using Signal encryption techniques to make their platforms secure.

Silent phone

Silent circle encrypts voice calls, messages, and chats in Silent phones depicting privacy. They use end-to-end encryption protecting your communications from hackers as well as competitors. Silent features among others, Simple “Zero-touch” and true intimacy which heightens security. Silent permits you to send documents in different formats without worries securely.

Apple Facetime

Apple claims that video, calls, and messages on this app are all end-to-end encrypted. Sounds good? Verifying such claims may not be easy lest subjecting one to trial. Authentication is essential in ensuring security even in the encrypted system. Some reports state that Apple doesn’t scan communication over this app and decryption is impossible. Also, security measures in FaceTime make it challenging to impersonate someone in a call or message. Backing up your data on iCloud doesn’t water down the security either. You can always turn off the back-up at convenience when you feel threatened.


One of the most widely used communication channel in the world. WhatsApp uses your telephone number as the log-in credential. The app is easy to set-up and self-synchronizes contacts without involving any third party. WhatsApp is ad-free thus there is no possibility of one even mentioning the content of your communication. End-to-end encryption is vivid when you and your associates’ message use the latest versions of WhatsApp. Only you and the authorized user you are communicating to can access the message. Also, you can delete sensitive messages from both devices after passing the message within a given duration. Additionally, every sent message has a lock and key to guaranteeing security. All these processes are automated, and you don’t have to struggle.

The most secure VoIP

With regards to security, there is no ideal VoIP. Commendable security measures installed by different service providers are yielding fruits. Soon enough, we will have a secure VoIP. The enhancements made and strategies in place are impressive. A choice on the most secure VoIP is a difficult one since each has its pros and cons when considering security. There may also be variations depending on what type of communications you wish to make. You can try most of them since they are freely available on the app store. After that, make a choice. If you can’t get to this on your own, then try signal.