Quality refers to the standards that should be met while participating in a given activity, making a product, or providing a service. To ensure that quality is achieved in the production of goods and delivery of services, organizations implement quality management systems. 

A quality management system is a set of procedures, policies, and objectives that are formulated to achieve quality goals and strategies. Initially, a quality management system was defined on paper. However, as time unfolded, technological innovations introduced quality management software. 

Quality management software is a set of instructions executed on a computer that enable users to perform quality management tasks on both desktop and portable computing platforms.

The top 5 quality management software include: 

  1. QualityOne

QualityOne is a fully cloud-based online quality management software. It supports many leading enterprise software systems at the database level via APIs. The Veeva QMS tool is fully configurable, hence can be customized to align to any given industry. 

The popular industries supported by QualityOne include:

  1. General Business
  2. Consumer Goods
  3. Chemicals
  4. Cosmetics
  5. Crop Science
  6. Life Science

The key features of QualityOne include: 

  • Build-in document management system that captures CAPA reports, audit trails, and much more.
  • You can access your QMS documents, data, and dashboard from anywhere on any device.
  • You can integrate and visualize other products such as ERP Software, Office 365, among other products on the Software. 
  • Automated CAPA management process

WIth QualityOne, you only pay for what you need as the software is billed per user with full access to all features. 

  1. ETQ Reliance

This is a web-based enterprise quality management software that provides a holistic and scalable solution to various industries. The software supports over 500 companies across multiple sectors including Manufacturing, Medical Devices, Automotive, Biotech, Food and Beverage.  

The key features of ETQ Reliance include:

  • Robust company-wide reporting and analytical solutions
  • Real-time tracking of events with exceptional alerts on arising matters
  • Multiple integration capabilities configurable with other systems in your organization
  • Qualitative risk management tools
  • Enterprise reporting and analytical tools
  1. Pilgrim

Pilgrim is an ISO 9001 quality management software with a wide array of customers in the Life Science Organizations. Despite having a majority of their clients from the Life Sciences related fields, the software can be customized to fit into the needs of other industries right from manufacturing to consumer goods and services.  

The key features of Pilgrim include: 

  • Quality metrics tools that bring the collected quality management data into sight
  • A shared platform with reusable functions customized to meet Life Sciences Compliance
  • SmartSolve closed-looped module that integrates across an entire value chain
  • Other functionalities supported by the software include electronic signatures, audit trails, and electronic reporting.
  1. Trackwise

The Trackwise QMS software is an end-to-end solution for enterprise management that can be deployed as an on-premise, hybrid, or cloud quality management tool. The quality management solution can be customized to fit into the needs of different industries including; Medical Device, Food & Beverage, Consumer Products, Discrete Manufacturing, Chemical and Agrochemical, among others. 

The key features of Trackwise include: 

  • Comprehensive data analytics tools
  • Compatibility with other systems such as ERP, LIMS, and CRM 
  • The software platform can easily be extended to external partners to ensure consistency in quality compliance
  • Automated quality management processes
  1. MasterControl

MasterControl is a cloud-based QMS software that provides a series of quality management tools including: 

  • Automated processes
  • Audit control 
  • Preventive action measures
  • Electronic delivery of FDA applications

The software supports several industries, including Manufacturing and Clinical Enterprises.